The Ultimate Solution for Tight Spaces and Precision Maneuvering


Compact ROV

The ORB’s compact size ensures it can navigate the tightest corners and confined spaces with ease, making it the go-to choice for intricate underwater tasks.

Advanced Thruster System

Equipped with six vectored thrusters, the ORB offers unparalleled maneuverability, including precise side slide motion for delicate operations.

Uninterrupted Power for Extended Missions

Unmatched Battery Life: Enjoy up to six hours of continuous operation, ensuring your missions are never cut short.

Seamless Battery Swapping: With hot swap capability, you can replace the battery without interrupting your operations, keeping the ORB in action for longer.

Effortless In-Place Charging: The wetlink battery connector allows for convenient in-place recharging, minimizing downtime between missions.

Designed for Stability and Hydrodynamic Efficiency

Spherical Design Excellence: The ORB’s unique spherical shape offers maximum hydrodynamic resilience and self-stabilization, critical for maintaining control in underwater environments.

Autopilot Precision: Features two autopilot modes—Stabilize and Depth Hold—for autonomous stability and depth maintenance.

Rugged Water Resilience: Built to withstand shallow water rough seas and subsea currents up to 5 knots, ensuring reliability in challenging conditions.

Enhanced Exploration and Inspection Capabilities

Optional Sonar Integration: Upgrade with a sonar conversion kit for advanced underwater exploration and detailed mapping.

High-Intensity Illumination: A powerful beam light illuminates the darkest underwater environments, providing clear visibility.

Flexible Viewing Angles: The tilt camera offers dynamic viewing angles, enhancing the ORB’s inspection and exploration efficiency.

Quick Deployment and Easy Logistics

Compact and Portable: The ORB’s small logistic footprint makes it perfect for rapid deployment, ensuring you can respond quickly to any underwater task.

Reliable Communication: The built-in self-powered network interface board in the tether cable system guarantees dependable communication and control, even in the most challenging environments.

Modular Plug and Play Customisation

Modular Design for Easy Customization: The ORB’s modular construction allows organizations in the energy sector, military, and other industries to easily upgrade and customize the ROV to meet their unique operational requirements. Its plug-and-play components make modifications and enhancements straightforward, ensuring the ORB can be tailored to diverse mission profiles and technical demands.



Founded by Forward-Thinkers: Passionate about redefining the possibilities of subsea asset management, security, and defense.

Mission: To blend advanced technology with practical applications, enhancing underwater safety and sovereignty while serving crucial civilian roles.

Vision: We see a future where our solutions tackle deep-sea challenges, safeguard oceanic mysteries, and unlock their potential for peaceful and sustainable use.

Values: Commitment, Integrity and Loyalty!

Key Features:

Advanced Technology: Cutting-edge patent-pending drone technology.

Modular DIY Design: Allows customers to build and customize their own ROVs using quality parts and high-quality components.

Dual-Use Applications: Suitable for both defense/security and civilian sectors, providing versatile and robust underwater solutions.


  • Drones

    Drones for various uses from navigating confined spaces to broad surveillance, enhancing efficiency and precision in underwater missions.

  • Docking Stations

    Charging and data syncing, supporting continuous autonomous surveillance and immediate intelligence.

  • Data Platform

    Real-time data feeds for instant insights and secure communication, boosting decision-making and efficiency in seabed missions.